Bargaining at Markets and Stalls in KL

Bargaining is a must have skill when purchasing in a street market and in Kuala Lumpur it’s no exception. Just like any other country, locals often pay one price and tourists another. Bargaining when purchasing goods is an age old tradition, whereas people of western countries are more accustomed to paying the price on the sticker.

Buyers can often obtain a substantial reduction on the first price given by the stall owner with a few local tricks of the trade. First it’s a good idea to browse in several shops and know the fair price of a product before negotiating.  Always remember to keep the exchange polite and good-natured, for most Asians, bargaining is a sport.

After the stall owner gives you their price, counter it with an offer, to which they will give you an extremely displeased look, which can safely be ignored. They will offer a small discount, and you should return that same shocked, displeased look that was given to you previously! Continue this friendly and fun banter until you agree on a price, always be prepared to walk away, it’s when your three steps out of the store that the owner will make their best offer!

However, the top-end department stores, shopping malls, and government emporia have fixed prices, as such the fixed prices are at best deal. But watch out for the regular sale events to bag the bargain.

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