Dealing with Guarantees, Returns and Faulty Products in KL

Buyers should always be careful with their selection at the time of purchase to avoid problems later. Most large department stores will accept the return of faulty goods, but it might not be as easily done for products bought at street stalls.

The best advice is to always be cautious, inspect products thoroughly, don’t be intimidated, consider everything at a market, or stall, that carries a brand name to be fake until proven otherwise, but more than likely it will still be a copy.

If you are unhappy with the product purchased from a market stall you may be able to negotiate with the stall owner, don’t get angry, in fact it’s always better to smile and be relaxed. But, do be persistent and firm. From my personal experience persistence is the key. Again, the best guarantee is to be 100% confident before you hand over any money.

If you are buying a product of substantial value then its’ always best, as mentioned earlier, to buy from reputable outlets. Even still, ask about their returns policy, even get it in writing, keep your reciepts and be-sure before you buy.

There is a non-government consumer rights group which publishes a magazine on local issues


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