KL Transport – Free Bus / Tour Bus / Light Rail / Bus & Taxi

Here’s a one-page guide to public transport options in Kuala Lumpur including buses, taxis, light rail and hire cars. Perhaps the most convenient way to get around KL to see the sights and attractions is via rail and also the very handy Hop On – Hop Off Bus. First, let’s introduce the rail network.

MyRapid – Trains



To avoid all the traffic, the train network is widely used by locals and visitors. MyRapid (https://www.myrapid.com.my) is that name of the light rail network that covers the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan Area). It consists of 7 different lines which are LRT Ampang Line, KL Monorail Line, KLIA Express, LRT Sri Petaling Line, BRT Sunway Line, LRT Kelana Jaya Line and KTMB.


To simplify it

  • KL monorail covers KL City Center, if you are holidaying in KL, this is the line that you will likely use the most.
  • Ampang & Sri Petaling Lines (previously known as Star LRT) and Putra LRT cover most of the metropolitan KL.
  • KTM Komuter travels the longest route to outer suburban areas, whilst trains are not as frequent as LRT
  • KTM Intercity travels to Bangkok and Singapore.
  • KLIA Transit travels from KL Central stopping by a few stations before its destination to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) & KLIA 2.
  • KLIA Ekspres runs express from KL Sentral station to KLIA & KLIA 2.

KL Rail Network Map


The main transport hub in KL is KL Sentral (http://www.klsentral.com.my), airport rail lines terminate here, intercity trains depart from here, and almost all light rail lines including the monorail connect to here. Buses from the airport also terminate here. The station also features check-in facilities for some airlines, plus cafes and shops. KL Sentral is located in the Brickfields area which also features Little India, several hotels and shopping.


KL Sentral Station Map


KL Hop On/Hop Off Bus

The Hop on Hopp off bus (http://www.myhoponhopoff.com) is for sure one of the most convenient ways to transverse the sights and attractions of central KL. More or less stopping right at the door, it is a lot easier than navigating the stairs and escalators of rail stations, plus, you get a great view along the way. Some of the buses are open top which makes it more fun.



The buses run in a loop circulating every 20-30 minutes from 9am to 8pm 7 days a week. You can buy a 24hr ticket for RM 40 or a 48hr ticket for RM 74 with discounts available for Child, Student or Disabled.

Route Map


Go KL City Bus

The Go KL City bus (http://www.gokl.com.my) offers free transport within KL CBD. The buses are clean and modern and it’s hard to beat the great price. The bus runs every 5 minutes from 7.00AM – 10.00AM & 4.00PM – 8.00PM, outside of those times it runs every ten minutes. Its hours of operation are weekdays: 6.00AM – 11.00PM and on weekends and holidays: 7.00AM – 11.00PM.

There are four different circular routes to choose from which are separated into Go Relax (red), Go Work (blue), Go SIghtSee (purple) and Go Shopping (green) as you can see on the map below.

Public Bus

Rapid KL: biggest public bus provider, covering entire Klang Valley and KLC. Click on for the route and schedule detail for route planning see https://www.myrapid.com.my/plan-my-journey


Paying for tickets (LRT & Public Bus in KL)

You can buy tickets with cash at counters or via vending machines at the station, or you can buy a card with a preloaded amount enabling you to simply touch on and off.

There are three cards available being:

  • MyRapid (www.myrapid.com.my) card, which can be used on can be used for RapidKL LRT, Monorail, BRT and Bus services
  • Touch ‘n Go card (www.touchngo.com.my) which can be used on all public transport in the Klang Valley.
  • The third card, and possibly most attractive for visitors arring via KLIA/KLIA 2 is the KL TravelPass (https://www.kliaekspres.com/deals/kl-travelpass/) which can be used on all trains and RapidKL buses in Kuala Lumpur. The KL Travel Pass, has two card options with one including a single journey (RM70) on the KLIA Ekspres and the other offer a return journey (RM115) and both having 10RM stored value which can be used on city travel.



To hop on a taxi is the easiest way to go around in KL, as the fares are calculated by meters. Faking the meter or marking up the price of journey are still common, although its illegal, therefore the traveller, especially first time visitors, are suggested to ask for the approximate fare for the journey and make sure the meter is on. The flag fare is RM3.00 for the first two kilometers and 10 cent for every 200m there after (subject to change). A 50% surcharge is levied between midnight and 6.00 AM. Additional RM 2 is charged for phone booking, maximum passengers for 1 taxi are 4, luggage stores in the boot.

Taxi and Ride Share Apps in KL

Uber: https://www.uber.com

Grab: https://www.grab.com/my

EzCab: http://ezcab.com.my

Taxi Companies

Airport Limo & Taxi Service http://www.airportlimo.my/
Tel: 03 9223 8080, 03 9223 8949 (Booking Centre)
Tel: 03 8787 3675 (KLIA Counter)


Public Cab – Online Booking  http://www.publiccab.com
Tel: 603-6259-2020



Car Rental

For those who prefer to drive themselves, there are car rental companies that can drop their car to your place and pick it up from your directed place. Listed below:

Avis Malaysia
Tel: 1800-88-1054

Hertz Malaysia
Tel: 1800-88-3086

Tel: 1800-80-1563



Long Distance Travel

KTM Intercity Trains

KTM Intercity (http://www.ktmb.com.my) runs along the west coast of Malaysia from Gemas in the south, through Kuala Lumpur and onto Pedang Besar in the North. The trains also connect through to Singapore and Thailand. There are three types of train, a platinum, gold and silver, the difference being the amount of stops made. Platinum is, of course, the fastest with the least stops made.

For KL to Singapore:

KL Sentral to Gemas then Gemas to JB Sentral in Johor Bahru then  JB Sentral to Singapore Woodlands.

For KL to Thailand

KL Sentral to Padang Besar then Padang Besar to Hat Yai, Thailand


Intercity Buses

There are long distance buses heading to Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Seremban, Johor Bahru or even Singapore which depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (http://tbsbts.com.my), or TBS, at Bandar Tasik Selatan. It is the main terminal hub for long distance buses in Kuala Lumpur and please see their website, which is in English, for a full list of destinations with schedules and pricing. Tickets can be bought online at their site or at the station. The station operates 24hrs and also offers shops and restaurants.

Getting to TBS is easy, you can take the KTM Komuter train or the KLIA Transit train from KL Sentral to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station. The Bus terminal is only a short walk across a pedestrian bridge from the rail station.


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