Local Specialty Products in Kuala Lumpur

Looking for something really unique to take home from your Kuala Lumpur trip? Then read on. Here’s a list of unique local specialty products,curios and local crafts that come from the diverse mix of cultures inhabit the city.

Malay Products:

Wayang Kulit

 Shadow puppet theater, or wayang kulit, is a Malay folk art whose traditions are passed on orally. These colorful leather puppets are something to get for friends and relatives.





Best Malay souvenir, used to signified wealth and power of a person, mean produce items are betelnut set, silver rose bowls, jewellery boxes, bolster ends, the caping, belts, buckles, and snuff boxes




Batik Fabric

Uses wax and dyes to print on fabrics. Shirts, skirts, and sarongs in batik print are best bought from Malaysia’s east coast.




Songket Silk Fabrics

songket is handwoven on looms and features elaborate patterns created with a gold and silver weft , belonging to the brocade family of textiles.





For home decoration or Kites lover, while the principal designs of traditional Malay kites are derived from nature, decorations are unique to each craftsman. Choose to your taste.




Ceramic Items

Retails are available, shaped by hand; pottery is originally produced in Selangor and Perak. Ayer Itam, a small town in peninsular Malaysia, is known for its pottery and porcelain crafts.





Southeast Asian masks traditionally, represent people, demons and deities. They are cultural icons that help preserve tradition, religion and history. Malay ceremonial masks are commonly bought.




Products from Malaysia Borneo

Ikat Design

Often a symbol of status and power, ikat, meaning to tie in Malay, is a style of weaving created by dyeing the warp. The best ikat is produced in Sarawak. It also widely available in KL.




Wood Carvings

For Malaysian, wood carvings depicting people, spirits and animals in the shamanistic tradition. Something from Malaysia.




Chinese Products

Good Luck Charms

Available almost everywhere, Chinese good luck charms in bright, attractive colors make cheap and fun purchases to bring good luck to your friends and relatives.




Chinese Ceramic

Baba-Nyonya vases, which are unique to Malaysia, or otherwise the imported chinaware are available in big retail outlets.




Indian Products


Comprise household objects, decorative, and religious items, the fine brass goods is a Tamil tradition transplanted to Malaysia




Indian Silk Sarees

Best price are found in Little India, Kuala Lumpur. Traditional southern Indian kanchipuram silk sarees are available in most fabric stores.




Indian Spices

Like second India, Indian spices, such as pepper, cardamom, saffron, cloves, mace, nulmeg and cinnamon are widely available in Kuala Lumpur as Indian is one of the biggest race in Malaysia.


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