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Only recommended for experienced Dominants, or those looking for a challenging partner. A paragon of virtue with a heart of gold, if you can bring him to heel or to his knees! At 95 and still a virgin though learning very fasthe will require a gentle but firm hand in matters of sexual intimacy. Contracts will be negotiably sexual as well as exclusive — though he errs on the side of exclusive!

If you've ever wanted an old-fashioned guy in your life to treat you right and put your needs first, this Submissive may just be the match you've been searching for. Be advised that this Submissive is already contracted! Said contract will run out in two months time, so be sure to set your calendars if you're interested. Also comes with a non-negotiable co-dependence with a group of familial clones, undiagnosed depression, PTSD, and anger issues.

Dom sub finder

I have a question. If you are still a virgin but learning very fast Don't answer that.

Dom sub finder

Thread Reply to this Thread Hide 54 comments Show 54 comments. I won't. Okay good. I feel like I'll be opening something up that can't be closed. Ever again. A Pandora's Box of questionable experiences. This place is really offering you dom sub finder Well, they are that. I knew it. I mean I'm not asking! Though, I suppose they desire the same? I remember what Joseph Joestar said. Tell the class what you've learned. Not nearly. Inquiring minds want to know. It's hardly a full without specifics. I will take every bottle of alcohol you own and pour them down the drain.

Good thing there's a liquor store a block from here, and a hardy team of room service waiters ready to bring me more. I took it back! It is now just your own request! I accept this responsibility, and bear this burden to ask the important questions that the rest of us are too shy to voice.

You are a hero to all the people, or at least Steve Rogers' fans. I think. Also, reading up--] You have too much power. I am but a humble civil servant, spreading the joy of Steve Rogers fantasies to the world. Who else do you think would have their lives better because of this? Bucky Barnes? But at the moment she loves Jack more because he is brave. But really, Jack, Bucky vs Sen for favourite person. He might be as pretty as you get itbut she has better hair. Some things you don't need the whole city to know.

Dom sub finder

Thread Reply to this Thread Hide 17 comments Show 17 comments. For what it's worth -- I never considered you old-fashioned. It wasn't old-fashioned when you knew me. Refreshingly so. And now I'm old-fashioned. Oh how the times have changed.

Dom sub finder

Yeah, with Bucky, not too long after we arrived. Log in name: Password: Remember me. Other options: Forget your password? Log in with OpenID?

Dom sub finder Dom sub finder

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