Financial dominionation kink

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We've all got our own little kinks in the bedroom, fantasies of all types and fashions that provide a thrill from the bizarre to the sublime. Abi Wilkinson received a message from a man offering her cash, for which she'd have to do nothing. It made her wonder, is the world financial dominionation kink financial domination too good to be true?

It made her wonder, is the world of financial domination just too good to be true? It happened on Instagram, out of the blue. As a woman who is publicly visible, and a seriously regular user of social media, I had a pretty strong suspicion about what was probably going on.

The thought of accepting money from a stranger made me feel uncomfortable, but chasing unpaid invoices was proving to be a slow process, and frankly I was getting desperate. If taking his cash would make us both happy, what was the harm, really? It took me a while, but I decided to respond.

I hesitated for about an hour before responding. As this went on, I became increasingly uncomfortable. Though he spoke about being subservient, there seemed to be a definite element of control. To some extent, he liked the idea of me depending on him.

Financial dominionation kink

He was attempting to buy my time, to buy my attention, and the ability to involve me in his fantasies. I decided to cut off contact with immediate effect. Nor was I worried that communicating with him via social media placed me in any sort of real-life danger. As his final message made clear, he believed I owed him something as well. The encounter made me curious about the experiences of professional financial dominatrixes and their clients, so I decided to contact a few women I found via the findom Twitter hashtag.

Financial dominionation kink

My question about feeling financial dominionation kink or indebted to the men who send money seemed to confuse her. If a guy is too creepy, I stop replying to them or block them. Surviving mainly on benefits, she uses findom to fund occasional small luxuries.

Both women have a small of regular clients they receive regular payments from. She then walks away without saying anything. In s, she tells him what she bought with his cash. I ask what the worst part of being a financial dominatrix is, and both of them give the exact same response: time wasters. I talk to 10 like that for every one who actually buys me something or gives me money. What had played on my mind from the offset was the question of where the power was to be found in their relationships with clients.

Sometimes my boyfriend helps me come up with insults to send or tasks to set them.

Financial dominionation kink

They want me to do it. In my mind, the domination fantasy masks the reality that this remains, in essence, a relationship between an employer and worker. Enjoyed this article? Like Huck on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Share this With his new album, the Long Beach rapper has constructed a swelling commentary on adolescence and upbringing — of which there are no easy answers.

Financial dominionation kink

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Financial dominionation kink

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What Is Financial Domination? Inside the Fetish Where Women Verbally Abuse Men For Cash