Frozen sex toys

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WHEN a little girl received a Frozen 2 diary for her fifth birthday, she was understandably delighted with the gift.

Frozen sex toys

However, her mum, called Toni, was soon left horrified when she realised the present contained a checklist of sex toys and explicit positions. In a post of Facebookthe shocked woman revealed how a friend had purchased the Disney-branded product from Australian chain Kmart. Her daughter, called Millie, was showing her aunt the diary - featuring pictures from the popular children's film franchise - when she discovered the adult-themed list on one of the s.

Frozen sex toys worried mum wrote: "If it was in a diary in the adults section in Kmart I would have understood but not in a kid's book come on. The x-rated notes appeared to have been accidentally included, since the same Frozen diary had incidentally also been purchased by Toni's brother for her daughter, and didn't feature the unexpected content.

Fortunately, the five-year-old is not yet able to understand the words on the - saving her mum from a rather awkward conversation. Toni continued: "She has just started pre-school but she isn't learning those words. The diary showed no s of tampering, so it appeared to be a genuine mistake at the manufacturing stage. When the mum took the item back to the shop the staff were "very apologetic" about the error. Toni added: "They did try and replace it but I just said I would keep it just for the laughs.

Frozen sex toys

Commenting on the incident, a Kmart spokesperson said: "We are so very sorry — and extremely embarrassed — to hear about a customer's recent experience with our Frozen 2 Diary Make Over Set. In other parenting news, we told you how a dad has created a stunning treehouse for his daughter for just a tenner. We also revealed how a mum created a "lunch menu" at home to cheer up her kids missing school dinners. in. All Football. All Lifestyle Health Horoscopes. Lifestyle Health Lauren Clark. Lauren Clark. Most read in Fabulous.

Frozen sex toys Frozen sex toys

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Horrified mum finds checklist of sex toys and explicit positions accidentally printed in young daughter’s Frozen 2 diary