Labia pumping

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Image by mbg Creative. When you think of sex toys, your mind probably conjures images of the usual suspects—colorful dildos, pulsating vibrators, labia pumping even the furry handcuffs you have in the back of your closet. But there is one type of toy many people tend to overlook: the clit pump and all its underrated suction glory. Clit pumping is the use of a suction device on the clitoris to increase blood flow, says Laurie Mintz, Ph. Clit pumps are typically made up of a cylindrical cup and a hand pump.

The cylinder is placed over the entire external clitoris, and as you squeeze on the pump, blood is pulled to the clitoris. Similar to the penis, the clitoris is made up of erectile tissue that contains capillaries with a unique feature. When this tissue is filled with blood, it becomes "engorged" and makes the clit feel and look "fuller and firmer," Mintz explains.

It also makes the clitoris more sensitive to touch and other sensations, which can ultimately lead labia pumping more powerful orgasms. The most obvious benefit of clit pumping is the increased sensation that happens as a result of the increased blood flow to the clitoris. That means more arousal, more sensitivity, and ultimately more intense orgasms. Clit pumping may also help strengthen the pelvic floor, according to Megwyn White, certified clinical sexologist and director of education at sex toy company Satisfyer.

As a person with a vagina ages, their ability to produce natural lubrication often decreases due to hormonal changes. Less lubrication can make penetrative sex more painful, and vaginal dryness can increase the risk of infections. Clit pumping can also enhance visual pleasure, says Dainis Graveriscertified sex educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha. He says many men and women find the sight of a bigger clit to be a turn-on.

These pics will no doubt tease your partner like crazy," he adds.

Labia pumping

The clit pump can be particularly useful for creating satisfying sexual experiences for trans people, Mintz notes. She says being able to create a visible clitoral erection can be really affirming and empowering. When looking for a clit pump, take the time to look at how the device is assembled and to make sure the safety features are easily accessible, says board-certified gynecologist Monica Grover, D. She recommends looking for safety features like a quick air release and finding out if the device's highest level of intensity is safe labia pumping your body.

Some of these devices can look very off-putting, and no sense in buying it if you're too intimidated to use it.

Labia pumping

Clit pumps come in labia pumping sizes and each offers a different experience. If you're looking for a more focused stimulation, a product with a smaller head might be a better option for you," White recommends. Another thing to consider is whether you're "interested in pumping just the clitoris or if you'd like to try vulva pumping as well," Grover says. This isn't technically a pump, but it's a perfect introduction to the suction-like sensations you'll get using a clit pump. It has 11 suction settings, so you are in complete control the entire time.

It comes with a thorough set of instructions on how to use it. This pump was deed with queer, trans-masculine, and nonbinary bodies in mind, according to labia pumping website. It features a custom translucent cylinder that is deed to be comfortable due to its wide-flanged base and easy-to-use de. This pump comes highly recommended by Grover and other experts, and it's considered to be a more advanced device. It has four attachments, so you can use it on your clitoris, vulva two sizes labia pumping, and nipples. The cups are soft, comfortable, and deed for a perfect fit.

It has seven levels of safe suction as well as seven levels of vibration so you can really experiment. As the name suggests, this clit pump is great for beginners. The squeeze-bulb-style option is super simple to use. It can be used on your clitoris, nipples, or other erogenous zones, and the harder you squeeze, the stronger the suction will become.

There is also a quick air-release valve directly on the squeeze pump, just in case things get too intense. If you enjoy nipple stimulation, this LoveHoney pump is worth looking at. You have the option to choose between three suction speeds to pump your nipples or clitoris to "ultra-alert attention with the greatest of ease. The Womanizer Liberty Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator is also beginner-friendly, as it offers a gentler clitoral-suction experience. And since it's less powerful, it can be used for longer periods. This pump offers three suction speeds and seven vibrating functions to enhance sensitivity and arousal that comes with clit pumping.

While using this pretty pink pump, you'll also be able to detach the hose while still maintaining a tight vacuum seal. For the best fit, try adding a bit of lubricant before applying. This wide-mouthed pump will stimulate your labia and vulva, which makes it ideal for people who shy away from intense clitoral stimulation.

Each squeeze of the medical-style pump ball will increase the suction intensity around your sexy bits.

Labia pumping

The clear cup may also appeal to visual partners who enjoy watching as their partner swells with pleasure. Before you get started, several experts, including White and Graveris, recommend you try the pump on your hand, inner thigh, or even over your underwear first. After you've familiarized yourself with labia pumping suction and sensations, then you can start using the pump on your clit.

Graveris recommends starting with short, gentle pumps, about one to two minutes, before extending the pumping duration to between 15 and 20 minutes. Using a clit pump too much and too fast can cause blisters and bruises.

Labia pumping

These devices function in the same way as you would create love bites or hickeys, so they can give your clit powerful suction," he says. Be sure to check the positioning of your device. Placing the cup too low could cause it to pull on the surrounding skin of your anus, especially if you're working with labia pumping bigger pump, not just for your clit.

Clit pumps are great for both solo use or with a partner, as they allow individuals to explore stimulation beyond what they may be used to. She suggests using a breathing practice to help you: "Inhale deeply and then slowly exhale as you concentrate on contracting the muscles of the vaginal canal. Then release, and you'll feel an orgasmic sensation. When using with a partner, you can incorporate it into a mutual masturbation practice or during sexual intercourse, White says, adding that mutual masturbation is a great way to observe indirectly what type of touch your lover enjoys.

Additionally, she recommends trying a clitoral stimulator with a partner during doggy-style. Using one hand, you can easily access the clitoral labia pumping and take clitoral stimulation to a whole new dimension. This position gives you more freedom to explore clitoral stimulation with your hand or this type of product," White says.

Labia pumping

If you're using the pump and it becomes painful or too tight, or you begin to notice irritation or redness, use the release feature. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to the tissue and labia pumping in the area. Make sure to read the instructions on your particular device carefully to ensure you're using it properly and safely.

Lastly, don't forget to practice safer sex and to clean your sex toys according to the instructions provided. Here's our full guide on how to clean your sex toysbased on the materials it's made from. Clit pumping can be a way to add more physical sensation, variety, and excitement to your sexual sessions. If you decide to try clit pumping, make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer closely. And remember, since no two bodies are the same, be open to experimenting to see what works best for you and any partners. Want your passion for wellness to change the world?

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Labia pumping

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February 28, Share on: What Is Clit Pumping? In This Article. What is clit pumping? Benefits of clit pumping:. Quicker and more intense orgasms. Supports the pelvic floor. Stimulates natural labia pumping. More confidence. Gender affirmation. How to choose the right clit pump.

Clit pumping products to try. Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Rechargeable Clit Stimulator This isn't technically a pump, but it's a perfect introduction to the suction-like sensations you'll get using a clit pump. Trans Masc Pump This pump was deed with queer, trans-masculine, and nonbinary bodies in mind, according to the website.

Labia pumping

Bloom Intimate Vibrating Body Pump This pump comes highly recommended by Grover and other experts, and it's considered to be a more advanced device. Beginner's Clitoral Pump As the name suggests, this clit pump is great for beginners.

Labia pumping

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