Pain play ideas

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CN: This post contains many brief descriptions of possible techniques for consensual pain play. The post and especially the footnotes contain several mentions of possible injuries and other unwanted consequences of non-impact pain play in the context of safety information. I mean, sure, playing with sadism and masochism or with intense sensations can absolutely mean impact play I myself especially like canes and floggers for that. But there are many other ways to play with pain and intense sensation without anyone striking anyone else with anything. Maybe you have chronic or temporary physical health issues that make pain play ideas play risky or painful in unwanted ways.

Maybe you have asthma or another lung illness that would be exacerbated by being hit on your back or chest with some force. Maybe one or both of you have mobility issues that make it hard to find a good position or angle for impact play that works for both of you. Maybe there are other reasons why you want to avoid impact play. Maybe you want more physical closeness and eye contact than is possible in many types of impact play.

Whatever your reason for ruling out impact play or branching out from it, I have some ideas for you! These should be enough to give you a rough idea of the risks and risk reduction methods associated with specific forms of non-impact pain play. So this is written from the top perspective. You can scratch your partner with your fingernails [1]. You can bite them. You can suck on their skin to create painful hickeys.

You can either grab whole handfuls of their flesh and squeeze. Or you can just pinch a bit of skin, with your fingertips or even with your fingernails.

Pain play ideas

You can pull their hair. All of these things can be done with more or less intensity. Most of them can be done at different speeds, too. You could probably also use or adapt yoga poses for this. Or you can use other types of endurance or strength-building exercise e. They can either use their own body for this or give the bottom something heavy to hold such as full water bottles, heavy boots, or a stack of books.

Pain play ideas

Of course there are also many tools, toys, and assorted items you can use for pain play without hitting. Others can be used pain play ideas slowly increase the pain intensity. Some methods can do both. The type of pain caused by these methods covers a wide range, from deep pressure to surface pinch or snap, from burning to stretching pain, from brief to long-lasting sensation. One of my favorite non-impact pain toy is a bunch of clothespins or other clips and clamps. Depending on their weight, strength, and size, they can be used almost everywhere on the body note: clamps are not just for nipples!

Others use two sticks e. Rope is also a very flexible toy for creating pain. There are also items like Wartenberg wheels that can be rolled across the skin pain play ideas more or less pressure and create a tickly to painful sensation; steel clawsso-called Vampire gloves with sharp tacks sticking out of them, or plain old cutlery forks that can be used to scratch the skin [5]. And finally, there are some plant-based ways to cause pain. Figging that is, inserting a buttplug-shaped piece of peeled ginger root into the anus; this creates a burning pain is one method.

In choosing your methods for pain play without hitting, consider the tastes and abilities of the people involved as well as the physical and psychological effect you want to achieve. Not all bottoms experience the same type of pain the same way. Not pain play ideas tops are comfortable with all pain-inducing methods or able to use them at all. Before you start, I recommend sharing your interests and preferences in terms of pain play e. Of course you can combine many of these methods of non-impact pain play with each other sadistic rope with a side of biting?

I always encourage creativity in kink! Yes, this goes for both bottoms and tops. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments! Please make sure you at least read a thorough how-to book, or better yet go to a workshop to learn from an expert or three in person. You may also want to disinfect the area of skin you scratched afterwards. If you did indeed break the skin, an alcohol-based disinfectant will sting and can add an extra sadistic touch to your healthcare efforts.

Please research the risks carefully and thoroughly because each electro toy works differently, and some can indeed cause death if not handled with the necessary care or applied on people with increased risk factors. They can create small skin injuries that may not be visible.

You may also want to consider disinfecting the skin afterwards. I highly recommend going to a workshop on needle play before you do any of it to another person. Both heat and ice branding are very likely to leave permanent marks which is often why people do these things in the first place. Collage, cropping, and color editing by me.

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Pain play ideas

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Pain play ideas

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